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The 25 Best Films of the Decade...So Far

When New York Times film critics Manohla Dargis and A.O. Scott recently published their list of The 25 Best Films of the 21st Century So Far, it not only served as fodder for many a debate among movie lovers of all ages, but it inspired other critics to follow suit and put […]

Wonder Woman

I will admit I prefer the old-school approach when it comes to superheroes. I grew up with the Christopher Reeve Superman movies and, of course, Adam West (RIP) as Batman and Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman on TV. These movies and shows were not enough to totally suck me into the comic […]

Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 & Alien: Covenant

In case anyone was wondering, I did see Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2 and Alien: Covenant. So why didn’t I write about them? Well, maybe it was out of respect for their elders (they are both sequels) or maybe it was just a lack of inspiration. While Guardians […]

The Zookeeper's Wife

Just when you thought there were no more horrible stories to tell about the Nazi atrocities during World War II, we get The Zookeeper’s Wife, a movie based on the best-selling book by Diane Ackerman, which tells a familiar (but still harrowing) story of civilians who tried to help Jews escape the Nazis, […]

Personal Shopper

Don’t worry about Kristen Stewart. She knows exactly what she’s doing. Having earned international fame and fortune from the Twilight movies, she has now parlayed her Hollywood status into the ability to do whatever she wants whenever she wants. And the movies she wants to make, it seems, are small, […]

T2 Trainspotting

It is the rare occurrence in Hollywood when a sequel comes out that actually feels right. Most, generally speaking, are churned out too soon and for all the wrong reasons, mostly money. However, when there is sincerely more story to tell or a legitimate desire to revisit characters, sequels do […]

Get Out

Public Service Announcement:
If you, like me, are really curious and interested to see the new movie Get Out because of its phenomenal reviews and record-breaking box office numbers, but are nervous to actually go to the theatre to see it because it’s a horror movie and you just don’t do horror, well, I’m […]


Old superheroes never die, they just fade away…. Or get recast so a whole new franchise can begin anew with a younger actor, ignoring all movies that had come before it.

One thing I will give to Logan, the newest (and last—we think) installment in the Wolverine series of films from the X-Men […]

20th Century Women

Writer/Director Mike Mills’ acclaimed 2010 film, Beginners, which brought Christopher Plummer an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, was, by his own admission, a movie about Mills’ father. Now, his latest project, 20th Century Women, is an homage to his maternal side. Starring Annette Bening in the role inspired by Mills’ mother, […]

My Top 10 of 2016

1. La La Land
2. Hell or High Water
3. Manchester By the Sea
4. Moonlight
5. Zootopia
6. Arrival
7. Sausage Party
8. Lion
9. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
10. The Jungle Book


Top 5 List:

My Five Favorite Films Directed by a Woman:

1. Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)
2. You’ve Got Mail (1998)
3. The Hurt Locker (2008)
4. Clueless (1995)
5. Clockwatchers (1997)

Rental Pick:

Lost in Translation (2003)

Favorite Trailer of the Moment:

Awesome Movie Montages and Lists: