Capsule DVD review

First there was Bull Durham, now there’s Sugar. There are two sides to every story. Sugar is about a Dominican baseball prodigy who is coming up in the minor leagues and his fish-out-of-water tale is at once amusing and heartbreaking, but, mostly, it is interesting. If we think it’s hard to go after our dreams in our ordinary lives, imagine throwing in barriers of race, culture, language and distance. Just like The Blind Side is not just a football movie, Sugar isn’t just a baseball movie, but I think I got a lot more out of it because I am a baseball fan. Word is it is very accurate to the Dominican baseball player’s experience coming up through the minor league system, which makes this film all the more fascinating. While it is slow at times and it’s not the most exciting movie in the world, if you like baseball, you can’t help but be interested in Sugar.