NETFLIX Drama/Mild Horror Series

5 seasons / 22 episodes + a movie (so far)
To be honest, we all should be quite terrified about all of the bad things that are possible with the ever-increasing presence of technology in our lives. Once you watch Black Mirror, you will be. “Black Mirror” refers to the face of your cell phone when it’s not on, and it is only the beginning of how this series explores, in absolutely brilliant stand-alone episodes, how insidious technology and the digital world has become in our lives and its potential for all kinds of upheaval. Part horror, part docu-drama, part fortune teller, you’ll truly never trust your laptop again. Oh man, this show is SO GOOD.
***Emmy Winner***

1 season / 10 episodes (so far)
This Korean import took America by storm in 2021, rightfully so, as it is an absolutely addictive series that takes place on a mysterious island, where contestants compete in a series of games, the winner taking home a mountain of cash. Oh yeah, the winner is also the only one who survives. It may sound like a perverted adult version of The Hunger Games, but Squid Game is so absurdly well-done, with incredible performances and astounding production design. It will jangle your nerves and keep you on the edge of your seat, you just won’t be able to help yourself. ADVICE: Choose to watch in the original Korean with English subtitles, to fully appreciate the award-winning performances.
***Emmy Winner***

4 seasons / 34 episodes (so far)
This has become a massive hit for a reason. It mixes nostalgia with horror, teenage angst with teenage friendship, and turns nerds into heroes. This series is an inventive mix of genre and atmosphere, blending influences from such pop culture touchstones as ‘80s horror movies, Stephen King and the ‘80s in general, bringing in elements of modern sci-fi and eye-popping special effects. It’s a winning formula that makes at least the first season well worth checking out. And for anyone who grew up in the ‘80s, it will feel like a trip down memory lane.
***Emmy Winner***