Moon (2009)

capsule review

MOON—If there is a happy discovery film of the year, other than The Hurt Locker, Moon has to be it. Yes, I had heard all the critics raving about it, but after my disastrous experience with Julia, I wasn’t going to trust anything. I had heard this movie was strange and slow and could be an acquired taste, not always a good way to sell a movie. Worse than that, I knew it had only one actor in the whole movie. Great. A slow, strange movie with one actor. Sign me up. But, willing to give the critics ONE more shot, I decided to see Moon. And boy did the critics redeem themselves. Moon is an amazing experience of a film. It is exactly the kind of film that I just eat up: thought-provoking, deep, passionate, well-acted, great to look at and a story to wrap your head around. And around and around. I absolutely refuse to give anything away, so I will amend my review and stop here and not say anything else about the film itself except to say that Sam Rockwell delivers his most significant performance of his career and this is a film that is absolutely a MUST-SEE. It is science-fiction, yes. It is a little odd, yes. It is a little slow, yes. But it will grab hold of your head, your heart and your spirit, I promise you. And you won’t stop thinking about it for days.