Actors Who Deserve Oscar

Three of my favorite actors are breaking out in 2011. Between Robin Wright, Michael Fassbender and Daniel Craig, there will be 12 movies this year starring one or more of these excellent actors. It’s wonderful to see and it gets me excited that such great talent is finally being recognized by Hollywood.

But the ultimate recognition is, of course, by Oscar, and it gets me to thinking about all the excellent actors out there that have been producing incredible work for years who have yet to win the ultimate prize, including these three incredible actors—none of whom have even been nominated.

So, as we slowly creep towards Oscar season, here is my (very subjective) list of the best actors working today who should have the title “Oscar winner” before their name. I mean, if Cuba Gooding, Jr. can have it… (I’ve listed the number of previous nominations they have received, if any. I think you’ll be surprised.)


Don Cheadle–1 nomination
Jeremy Renner—2 nominations
Michael Fassbender
Robin Wright
Daniel Craig

Leonardo DiCaprio—3 nominations
Gary Oldman
Sam Rockwell
Ewan McGregor
Steve Buscemi
Guy Pearce

Diane Lane—1 nomination
Glenn Close—5 nominations
David Straitharn—1 nomination
Albert Finney—3 nominations
Johnny Depp—3 nominations
Ian McKellen—2 nominations
Robert Downey, Jr.—2 nominations
Peter O’Toole—8 nominations
Ralph Fiennes—2 nominations
Sigourney Weaver—3 nominations
Brad Pitt–2 nominations
Ed Harris—4 nominations
Helena Bonham Carter—2 nominations
Annette Bening—4 nominations
Julianne Moore—4 nominations
John Hurt—2 nominations
Ed Norton—2 nominations
Carey Mulligan—1 nomination
Michelle Williams—2 nominations
Emily Watson—2 nominations
Jake Gyllenhaal—1 nomination
Catherine Keener—2 nominations
Miranda Richardson—2 nominations
Tom Wilkinson—2 nominations
William H. Macy—1 nomination

Is there anyone I missed?
Who’s your favorite?
And who on this list do you think will win Oscar first?