Toy Story 2

Originally written December 7, 1999

Sick of the Millennium hype?? Sick of the Millennium retrospectives, the lists, the countdowns, the predictions, even the word Millennium?? I used to look forward to the year 2000. I remember, as a kid, anticipating this time, wondering what the world would be like and how life would be different. The romance of the future was enticing and ennobling and somehow even thrilling, but now, all I want is for the calendar to change as peacefully as possible so we can all go on with our lives.

But just when my cynicism had reached an all-time high, my child-like enthusiasm for the future was rekindled as I learned to embrace the myth of the Millennium. I rediscovered the wonder of what the future can hold, and learned to believe in some of the wonderful things that technology has in store for us. What happened, you ask, to bring about this fundamental and profound shift in worldview? I saw Toy Story 2. Toy Story 2? But it’s just a kid’s movie, you may snicker. Ah, don’t judge so quickly. Not only did I see a kid’s movie, which happens to be a wonderful movie for everyone, but I saw this film with digital projection, the future of cinema. And I was reborn.

Remember the first time you heard a classical piece on a CD instead of a record? That’s what it’s like to watch a film with digital projection. No moving parts. No film, no reels. No cuts, no scratches, no tracking problems. You literally will not believe your eyes. It’s that amazing. And to have my first experience of a digitally projected film to be Toy Story 2, a film which, like its predecessor, breaks all technological boundaries and forges new animation ground, was nothing less than an event worthy of Millennium hype. If the next thousand years promises more films like this delivered in this kind of package, now there’s something to be really excited about!

There are only three theatres in the Southland playing Toy Story 2 with digital projection: The El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, the AMC North 6 Theatres in Burbank and the Edwards Theatres in Irvine. Do what you must to get to one of these theatres to see this film digitally. It’s worth the wait, it’s worth the drive, it’s worth the cost, it’s worth your time. Just go. If you love film, you’ll be getting a double-dose of heaven: a terrific film with a great story, great dialogue and great characters, and you’ll be getting a taste of the future of film technology. In our lifetime, all films will be digital. I’ll never forget the first time I experienced it. I wouldn’t want it to be any other film than this. And neither will you. Trust me. Do what you must, just go. It’s the best thing you could ever do for your inner child. And for your faith in the future.

My rating: ***** Worth paying full price AND standing in line

Wondering where the actual review of this film is? Forget it. Some experiences are just too pure to be ruined by words.