Streaming Round-Up

New movies haven’t been interesting to me in the past few months, so I’ve been focused on the small screen, doing some catching up on old shows, enjoying new episodes of favorites and discovering new series.

Here’s my rundown of what I’ve been watching the last couple months, with some thoughts to hopefully aid you in deciding whether you want to seek it out yourself or not. Yes, there is just too much TV, so I’m here to help—at least a little.


Ted Lasso (AppleTV+) in its 3rd and final season


If you think it’s crazy that the creators of Apple TV’s flagship and multiple-Emmy-winning hit show are ending the most popular and beloved series after just three short seasons and 34 episodes (and even crazier that Apple let them do it), maybe you won’t once you see the first few episodes of this, its third and final season. We’re almost to the end and most of the episodes have been disappointingly scattered, unfocused and, most surprisingly, joyless. The brilliance and freshness of the first season is long gone, as the show now feels tired, unable to break new ground, relying solely on the charm of the characters – and the actors who play them – who, despite their individual brilliance, simply can’t bring enough life to the uninspired script. I’m seriously hoping the final two episodes can find a way to bring things together and end the show on a high note, but it will be a tall mountain to climb to end the show anywhere close to the way it started. By far the biggest disappointment of the season so far.

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