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The very first scene in Emergency features a professor offering a trigger warning to her class before launching into a lecture about racist verbiage in America. The scene is hysterical, awkward, relevant, and brilliant, the perfect opening salvo by writer K.D. Dávila; the first of many in a film that presents a unique spin on a most redundant genre, making Emergency the most pleasant surprise of 2022 so far.

Directed by Carey Williams, Emergency, which evolved from a 2018 short film, originally premiered at Sundance Film Festival. The film stars RJ Kyler and Donald Elise Watkins as best friends Sean and Kunle. They are college seniors who plan to have one final blowout party night right before Spring Break. Their goal is to hit all seven of the big parties on campus, intending to make history, as nobody has ever done it. But their night doesn’t exactly get off to a promising start as Kunle, a science major who’s already gotten into Princeton for grad school, is worried about the live bacteria he didn’t properly refrigerate before he left the lab. But an even bigger concern emerges as they get back to their house and find a seventeen-year-old girl passed out on their living room floor. The only other one in the house is Carlos (Sebastian Chacon), their gamer roommate, who has no idea who she is or how she got there.

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