I’m Your Man

Bleecker Street
We may not be around for it, but all signs point to a future where artificial intelligence will be able to fully replicate human thought and behavior. It’s only a matter of time. Robots are becoming more and more prevalent, and computers already are integrated into our lives (hi, Alexa), so it’s not such a large leap to someday have some sort of human-appearing replicant that is able to mimic or even replace us. Such a concept has been a plot device in Hollywood for decades already, with human-like robots who can act and think like us being the subject of drama in everything from Star Trek: The Next Generation and AI: Artificial Intelligence to Alien, Blade Runner, Westworld and Ex Machina, just to name a few. In most Hollywood portrayals of humanistic robots, there is something threatening just below the surface, or something goes horribly wrong and the evil androids must be destroyed. It is a natural human instinct to assume that human thought and behavior cannot be fully replicated in artificial intelligence and that only bad can come of it when we try.

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